What I hate about the job search process

Steel yourselves, people, this is a rant.

hate looking for work. Yes, I said it. Now, there are some of you who have jobs, and you think you know what I’m talking about because you’ve “Been there, man”. But you really don’t, and you really haven’t.

In the past five years (i.e. how long I’ve been looking for work. Ouch) the job search process has drastically changed. You used to be able to walk into any old place and get an application, and fill it out that same day, but now? “We only apply from online.”


And guess what? I apply online, like a good girl, and I wait. And I wait a week, and I call to follow up (as told by everyone, ever) and I wait some more. Do you see the problem here? If you’re lucky, you get an interview which could eventually lead to a job. But you could also have your application ignored, or worse, completely unseen by a hiring manager. And more and more companies are going automated thee days. Why? Because it’s easier than manually sifting through application after application.

It’s also a completely dehumanizing and frustrating experience. This is the modern job search process.

And I hate it.

Rant over.

One thought on “What I hate about the job search process

  1. I hate it too. It seems to me like it isn’t even enough anymore to be able to DO THE JOB they want to fill. Oh no. They want someone who will poop sunshine and rainbows.
    It’s just not realistic.

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