We all remember the 90s

A little while ago, a trend started on the internet and, by extension real life. 90s nostalgia.

Sites like buzzfeed capitalized on this, posting lists about boy bands and acid wash jeans (who else remembers pogs?). And then it started to get very unoriginal.

At first it brought to mind things I barely remembered, like beetleborgs and Alex Mack.

But then they started focusing on things that survived well into the noughties. “All That” “spongebob square pants” and Britney Spears come to mind. And my nostalgia was replaced with thoughts of “nobody forgot that” and I promptly started ignoring the lists, blogs, and sites dedicated to the 90s.

I found myself rolling my eyes when someone started a sentence with “do you remember…” ;and suppressing a strong desire to scream that yes everyone remembers Rugrats, the show was on for over a decade! Ditto Friends, Buffy, and The Lion King. There’s hardly a person alive who hasn’t seen The Lion King at least a dozen times. And now, most of the people alive to see these things the first time around are watching them with their kids.

Please spare the world any more of this “nostalgia”. Everyone remembers the 90s. And if not, we can watch the entire decade on Netflix.

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