The all important first sentence

Everyone who even attempts to write knows where I’m coming from on this. You break out the laptop, open up your word processor and prepare to dazzle the world with the next Twilight. Your fingers are perfectly placed on the keyboard, you have everything you need to start your novel.

Except where to start.

Everyone says if your first sentence doesn’t pull someone in, the rest of your story doesn’t even matter; no one will read it. Suddenly no starting point is right in your mind. The pressure of creating someone great finally hits home.

All of the negative possibilities come to mind at once. You struggle to find that perfect sentence; the one that will give readers the sense that they absolutely have to read your story. Unfortunately, everything looks wrong, no sentence is good enough.

So you stare at the blank page and decide that maybe you can’t write the next great American novel.

Then it hits you.

This is just the start, this is the first draft. It can only get better from here.

So you bang out a first sentence; and that sentence becomes a paragraph, and that paragraph becomes a page, and so on.

It might not pull in a reader, but that first sentence is just the first step. It probably will change slightly, If not completely, with each draft. It doesn’t matter if the first sentence of your first draft doesn’t blow you away. Expecting greatness out of a first draft only results in disappointment.

So write that first sentence of your first draft and move on. You can always go back and fix it. That’s what the first draft is for. And if you let the first sentence trip you up, it could effect the way you write the second.

And the second sentence is just as important.

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