All feminists are not “feminazis”

I took notice of something the other day; actually, that’s a lie, I’ve been noticing it for years.

“Feminist” has become the internet’s new four letter word.

Feminism used to be equated with attempts at equality. People identifying with the movement wanted to fight to make the rights of men and women equal. This resulted in women gaining the right to vote and many other advances.

Now, the focus of feminism falls not only on women, but on both sexes.

I define feminism these days, as the belief that men and women are equal. Which not only means they should have the same rights, but also the same freedoms.

Men should have the freedom to express emotions other than anger; they should valued as fathers, and recognized as nurturers.

Men shouldn’t be portrayed on television as uncultured swine or bumbling idiots. Men are just as multifaceted as women.

Unfortunately, there are feminists who do not share my views, which I believe are the views of most modern feminists.

The militant feminists on tumblr who cry “male privilege” at anything are the vocal minority. They are believed to represent the movement as a whole. They are the proverbial “feminazis”.

While praising strong women in media (something which I do as well), they criticize the inclusion of strong men. They praise women who choose to work while lambasting those who make the equally valid decision to be homemakers. These women do not want equality, they want everyone to fit the mold that they have cast.

That isn’t equality, that is just another form of oppression. These views are just as harmful as past inequality. Pushing for a female dominated world instead of a male dominated one doesn’t solve any problems, it only makes people fight for the other extreme.

I’ve heard it myself, in the real world. Women and men alike, fighting feminism because of the vocal minority. This only makes the cause more confusing and less inclusive. People previously open to the ideas of equality have closed their minds to it. And that defeats the purpose of feminism entirely.

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