Dear “Nerds”

I get it, you saw a couple Harry Potter movies and liked them. You may have even read the books. But putting on a pair of glasses and posing for a twitpic does not make you “OMG such a nerd!”.

Call me when you know how many sickles make a galleon (17), or tell me your story about how people ostracized you for spending every lunch hour in the library reading comics and fantasy novels. Or tell me how many awkward silences you’ve faced after someone didn’t get your references.

Show me your leftover convention badges. Let me see the bad Dragonball Z fanart you drew in third grade. Send me your embarrassing fanfiction.

Do anything other than throwing on glasses and telling me that you’re a “geek”.

I know, I know, now it’s cool to be nerd. Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows on the planet, and comic book movies are turning into multi-million dollar franchises, but the nerds who created those things worked for that to happen. They’re the writers and the artists, they were told by hundreds of people throughout their lives that their work would never mean anything. They were the ones with intimate knowledge of their favorite worlds, they did the fanart, and their fanfiction turned into the real thing. They proved those hundreds of people wrong.

And all you did was put on a pair of glasses.

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