In response to “First world problems”

There has been a particular trend going around on the internet that I despise, and that trend is “First World Problems”. This is run on the idea that people in places like Great Britain and the United States do not have “real” problems. I have to agree that a broken cell phone in no way compares to drought and starvation, but that’s not the idea behind this trend. The idea is to belittle people for their very real problems, and I can’t support that.

I said before that a broken cell phone does not compare to starvation. But a broken cell phone is a genuine problem. it’s not any less real because your not starving, and the complaint is not any less valid. The people who debate on the validity of these problems are hypocrites.

When something of yours is broken, or something has gotten in the way of your plans, what is your first reaction? is it “At least I’m not starving.” or is it “I hate my life.”? It’s more likely that it is the latter. And why is that? its because we get comfortable with our lifestyles, no matter what that is; and when there is a perceived threat to our comfort we react negatively. We lash out, and that is normal, we’re only human. everyone has the right to complain about their problems. No one has a monopoly over what is an “appropriate” problem valid of complaint.

“First World Problems” is just another way of justifying guilt.

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