It’s not “unsanitary.” Period.

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Aside from important dates and information, the most common topics covered at the residence hall meetings I’ve attended in college so far have been about cleaning up after ourselves in the kitchens and bathrooms. Most especially—cleaning up after our periods. Every bathroom stall boasts a flyer begging, “Ladies, don’t forget to wrap your personals!” God forbid.

Is this surprising to anyone? We set a standard of privacy around menstrual blood in shared spaces, because it’s a matter of health and safety that one not touch another person’s bodily fluids, in order to avoid spreading bacteria or viruses between bodies. However, when I think about the number of people I know who squirm at the thought of using a menstrual cup because it requires getting their own blood on their hands, I remember that the shame and secrecy about menstrual blood in our culture goes wayyy beyond simple health and safety…

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