How I became a writer

Those or you who read my blog are probably wondering how I came to call myself a writer, if not, too bad; I’m gonna tell you anyway. I’ve also got to warn you, this might be a long story.

It started when I got my hands on my first Shel Silverstein book. It was my first encounter with poetry, and also the first time I found writing I could truly identify with. I found myself wanting to write like him. It started with me writing similar poetry at 7 years old. It was mostly for class work, but some was for fun. 

By the time I was 12 I had filled several notebooks with my writing, whether it be poetry or unfinished stories, I had an insatiable imagination. As soon as an idea came to my head, I’d have it down on paper. The only thing I didn’t do with my writing was share it with others. My personal writing was for me.

That all changed in high school. I had been writing a story for months. I had several chapters written, and for the first time, I wanted to share, so I did. At a sleepover, I had brought the journal  used to write my story, and a friend was curious about it. Within an hour, my story had circulated around all my friends. Nervously, I braced myself for the ridicule.

To my surprise, everyone begged me to continue the story. My confidence was through the roof. I managed to finish half of a book by the end of the year. Of course, being sloppy, the book never saw the light of day. What did continue, however, was my appetite for storytelling. 

I found myself sharing more and more of my writing, among friends and strangers. I wasn’t surprised at the praise from those close to me; they weren’t the kind to give negative criticism. what shook me was the reaction I got from strangers. People I didn’t even know were praising my work, telling me I had potential as a writer, and asking for more.

I kept sharing my work online, and that’s how I got here. I finally found the confidence to share my thoughts, feelings, and random musings with the world. My passion has become my hobby; hopefully it will become my career. Only time will tell. The one thing I know is that without all of my supporters, I would never have this blog. I would never be writing this now, and for that, I am truly grateful.





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