Remakes are not evil

With the new Ninja Turtles coming out soon, people are once again whining about remakes. But why?

Why is every remake met with doubt and negativity? I understand there are bad remakes out there, but not every one is created equal.

Some of the best films in this century were remakes. And they have been gracing television screens as well.

Take 2004’s remake of Dawn of the Dead, which is widely regarded as one of the best horror films of the new millennium. It stood out as both a remake and a standalone film. And without it there would not have been a resurgence of the zombie horror genre.

But apart from whether they’re good or bad, there are other aspects to think about in a remake.

Whether good, bad, or god awful, remakes and the like make us want to see the original. This brings on new fans of things they might not have ever seen before.

Is this a bad thing? Shouldn’t people want to expose themselves to new things? New fans means new ways to relate to people, more diversity in the fandom, and more exposure for artists who truly need it. I just can’t seen that as a bad thing.

And before you ask me, no, I don’t have high expectations for the Ninja Turtles remake. But that doesn’t mean I hate remakes, it just means I know what to expect from Michael Bay.

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