Late night ideas

So, I have insomnia. Which means my brain has decided to bombard me with ideas for writing. This would have been fine two weeks ago when I was unemployed, but I have a job now (seriously).  But why do our brains decide to work overtime when we least expect?

Maybe it’s because we’re not being inundated with information when we’re in bed. We’re not taking out the garbage, or watching kids, or working, and our minds aren’t preoccupied with what our hands are doing. So in response our brains proclaim their freedom by speaking up for themselves.

“You should add a new character!” my brain yells excitedly. I sigh.

“I’m trying to sleep, that’s why my computer’s off.” I say, rolling over as if it’ll help drown out the idea. But, my brain presses on

“No seriously, it’ll help sooooo much!” he says (yes, my brain is male) “It’ll fix that problem with how they’ll defeat the antagonist.” I roll back over, intrigued.

“I hadn’t even thought about that yet, I’m still on chapter three.” I say, opening up my word processor. “Okay, who’s this new character?”

And so I spend the next three hours incorporating this character into my story, setting up their backstory, and perfecting their personality. So it goes. Another late night idea turned into reality, and another sleepless night.

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