Single and loving it?

No, this is not dating advice, it is just my account of what it feels like to be single.

I’ve been single for nearly seven months now, and that’s just from a relationship that lasted about two months, maybe less. many people might view that as depressing, or a “dry spell” (just no), but, really, it’s the norm for me. In fact, I think my record for being single (after I started dating of course, we can’t count the first fifteen years of my life) is four years. Which, again,  seems like an awfully long time. But, to me, it’s not really a big deal.

I’ve never been the type to put much importance in romantic relationships. In fact, romance sits firmly somewhere near the bottom of my list of priorities. Films and television would like you to believe this makes me bitter, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m optimistic, very headstrong, and ridiculously stubborn, but I’m not bitter. I’ve just never held romance on a pedestal.

Why? Because there are other things in life for me to enjoy, things which usually do not involve being in a relationship. I love writing, for example, which is something that everyone reading this should know. But I also love cooking (baking in particular), playing video games, traveling, and art. Would I enjoy doing these things with someone else? Sure, but it’s not a requirement for me.

So yes, I guess you could say I’m single and loving it, but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of loving someone. I’m a very caring person, and when it comes down to it, very affectionate. I like sharing things about myself with someone, and having that person share things with me. i love having someone to call and spend time with, and yes, to kiss (among other things, but my parents read this so I’ll keep it PG).

But this doesn’t mean I have to define my life around finding someone to share it with. I think that trying to find a partner 24/7 would be exhausting. I want to enjoy my life and maybe, along the line, find someone to spend it with, for the rest of my life. And when that person comes along, I won’t waste any time in making sure I do just that.

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