Dear CBS, cancel Two and a Half Men already

This is in response to the recent cancellation of Friends With Better Lives.

Now, I’m not one to jump on a hat bandwagon, but Two and a Half Men is awful. The fact that this garbage has lasted so long on television convinces me that the end is nigh. And the fact that it has outlasted shows with far superior writing (not saying much, but still) is ridiculous.

CBS, please cancel this unfunny borefest before Amber Tamblyn’s career goes down with it, she deserves far better than playing second fiddle to Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer.

And now on the subject of cancelling Friends With Better Lives (and Bad Teacher, to a lesser extent). Sometimes, shows need more than a few episodes to gain an audience. Relying on the Nielson rating system is doing you no favors, because that’s simply not how people watch television anymore. People watch episodes on their DVR a week after they’ve aired. They watch on their tablets while sitting on the toilet.

What I’m saying is, the way we enjoy television has changed. The only people who watch shows on the nights they air are octogenarians and those who have basic cable.

So please give these shows a chance, even if they have a weak start.

Not everything is Game of Thrones. Most shows don’t start with a bang, they start with uncertainty, and build audiences over time. And an eighth of a season (or just two episodes) is not enough time.

But seriously, just cancel Two and a Half Men already. Put it out of its misery before it dies a slow, painful death.

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