I’m gonna try something different today, so bear with me. This is a poem I’m calling Anxiety. I didn’t write this before today, every word is coming from my state of mind at this moment. Here goes.

I feel like I’m falling,
I have to remember to take a breath,
I tell myself “breathe in”
I force the breath out.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was dying.
It’s a struggle to have rational thought.
“Breathe in”

My head is tight,
My heart is heavy,
My hands tingle and tremble
I Force the breath out

I’m sweating now,
My hands are clammy,
I feel parched
“Breathe in”

I isolate myself so no one worries,
The attention makes it worse.
The truth is, I feel like I’m dying and I have no lifeline.
I Force the breath out

The calm is starting, slow but steady
Now the seconds feel less like hours
This anxiety is losing its grip on me
But I know it will be back.

And when it comes I’ll tell myself again
“Breathe in.”
And I’ll force the breath out.

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