In defense of Hancock

Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned

Yes, I’m aware that Hancock came out a while ago, just don’t think about that for a second. Instead think about the fact that seemingly everyone had the same thing to say about it. “I liked the first half, but the second half sucked!”.

Before you shush me, yes, that’s basically what every negative review boils own to. That really says something about the originality of people, doesn’t it? 

But let’s get on to the real topic: How I felt about it.

Well I liked it, a lot.

Okay, fine, I’ll elaborate. Why did I like Hancock?

Because it was an original story. This is something we’re clearly lacking in Hollywood productions lately. Right now it’s “reboot this. Write a sequel to that. Make a reboot of that reboot” and so on. And to me, Hancock presented an original story. Sure there were elements of Batman and Superman and other heroes, but they were just superficial. The personality of the character and the story, however, were original.

And honestly, it worked for me. I loved having Hancock be a drunken misanthrope in the beginning. But, and here’s where I’m disagreeing with a lot of people, the film would have never worked if he stayed that way. If he’d never met Ray (and, yes, Ray’s wife) the film would have seriously suffered for it. We’d have an utterly unlikable protagonist, and no one would have seen it. 

And as for the Element of Ray’s wife being a superhero as well, I didn’t mind that at all. Was it slightly convoluted? Yes. But there were definitely worse ways to work in the backstory. And I feel like it was necessary for the character to find someone who was like him. Much of his unpleasantness comes from feeling he’s the last of his kind, and him finding out he isn’t is crucial to his character development, even if it comes in a not so pleasant package.

So yes Hancock has it’s flaws, but to say it’s a bad movie because of those flaws is just doing it a disservice. Overall, I think it was a good concept with a not so great execution. So, it wasn’t great, but it was good. And I’ll take good over mediocre any day.







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