Pride revisited

Sacramento Pride is exactly 7 days away, and I’m ridiculously excited. But it makes me think, why do we celebrate?

Why do people of the gay community flock to pride, enduring the crowds, the noise, and the heat of June? The answer is simple, community.

We long to find people who are similar to us, whether it’s in sexual orientation or just the same television shows. We love being around people who are like ourselves. When I go to pride, I’m not the awkward girl who likes to stay in the back, I’m accepted.

I dance to music I don’t even like, I talk to people who, on the street, I would pass without a second glance. I thrive in the crowd while I would normally feel my mouth go dry. I love the attention I get from other people. But, most importantly, I feel like I belong, like I’m actually being myself instead of hiding myself from everyone.

I recently went to a comic convention as a volunteer, and I had the same feeling. I was able to act like myself without fear of judgement, and I actually felt confident. On my day off I even went to a few panels and I actually talked to James Marsters. My legs were shaking, and I had to stand on tiptoe to reach the microphone. Bu,t when my voice came out, it was strong, I spoke without a stutter, without a shake, and i felt confident. Once again, it was because i felt like myself.

When I’m at a convention, no one gives me a blank stare when I talk for way too long about Harry Potter. And when I’m at Pride, no one rolls their eyes when I mention gay marriage, and no one laughs at my dance moves (even though they probably should). I’m accepted for who I am and it’s exhilarating. I become social, my anxiety disappears, and I can speak with total confidence.

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