Writing 101 Day 1. Yes, I’m a rebel

this is going to be a relatively easy assignment, I write like this all the time, this is my bread and butter. I love stream of consciousness writing, it lets me air out my grievances whether they matter or not, and they usually don’t. I’m just gonna keep writing this until my train of thought brings me to something else. Is there a disorder that’s the opposite of ADD because I think that I have it. I think of one thing and I just can’t stop thinking about it, I become so focused on that one thing that I almost can’t do anything else. Which isn’t to say I can’t multitask. If I’m focused on two or more things I can do both pretty well without losing focus. It’s when I’m only focused on one thing that my mind goes into hyperfocus. Like when I’m reading a book and I’m also watching a show I’ve never seen before. When it goes to commercial, I’ll start reading the book and become so focused on it that I won’t look up until the moment the credits are rolling. God, that makes me think of texting and driving. How does that even happen? How is that something that happened so often and caused so many problems that we had to outlaw it? And how are some people still doing it? driving requires a ridiculous amount of focus, and losing that focus endangers the lives of everyone involved. How can people think it’s okay to center your focus on something else during something so important? It makes me sick. I can’t stand it when people willfully break the law for their own comfort.

I just looked at the clock, is that against the rules? Anyway I’ve been doing this for over ten minutes, and I gotta say reading through has made me think twice about my sanity. But that’s normal, right? Whatever. My mind is now blank, I’m desperately trying to find a topic to write about, it’s actually kinda hard for me to write for twenty minutes without something to write about.  God, watching my hands as I type is just a weird experience. normally I just glance at the letters but actively watching my fingers on each letter is messing me up.  I should probably finish my donut, but it’s so sweet. Something about the combination of chocolate and vanilla custard is just too rich for me. Now I sound like an old woman.

I probably should stop looking at the clock, it has to be cheating. I just realized how often I space my posts out, because the first paragraph I wrote just looks like a block of text. Maybe I should space that out later. This will probably be irrelevant when I publish this because that will probably be spaced out by then and everyone will think I wrote this after I spaced it out. I spend a lot of time worrying about what people think, probably because I’m so awkward that I put a lot of people off.

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