Writing 101 Day 2: A Room With a View

Armed with my laptop and a cup of tea, I sat at my desk, ready to write. I stared at my beat-up keyboard for five minutes, cracked my neck, and stood right back up again. I drained my cup of tea and went to refill it. Maybe a change of scenery would help? I sat at my desk again, on my way to draining my second cup and staring at a blank page, and then I caught a glance out my window.

It was late spring, the sun was beating through the window, setting shadows on my comparatively dark walls. Standing quickly, I drew up the curtains and open the window, bathing my room in brilliant sunlight, and I could see everything. I could see the valley where my house sat. Basking in the sun, the trees waved in the light breeze that tickled their full branches. The flowers seemed to dance, turning their faces to soak in the sunlight and invite the bees to kiss their lips and leave them breathless. The sky was a radiant blue, and the clouds flitted across, some were just little white wisps, blowing through the same breeze that the trees and flowers are dancing in.

The smell of the flowers swirled through the room, lightly brushing across my taste buds at the same time. I hear the singing of the birds as I close my laptop and pick up my cup. I head out the sliding door out onto the deck. The warm breeze blows through my hair and intensifies the smell of the flowers as I step over to my deck chair. The worn wood squeaks under my feet as I sit, settling back on the soft cushion and setting my open computer on the small tray that I’ve placed across my lap.

I take one last look at the valley before me, and send my fingers dancing across the keys.

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