Writing 101 day 13: Lost and Found

This is part two of my day four assignment, where I wrote about my loss of faith.

I remember it now clear as day, starting at a new school in fifth grade. I sat nervously in class, for the first time, I didn’t know any of my classmates. I remembered my friends at my old school, who I’d known for years. I desperately wanted to go back to that.

It wasn’t until recess that I really felt lonely, I wandered the campus, going towards a jungle gym that looked fun. As I walked past I noticed some of the dirty looks and giggles from other students. This was something I’d never dealt with before. At my other school I was liked, or at least spoken to, by most of my classmates. But no one spoke to me that day.

Not until a nice girl introduced herself to me (Let’s call her T). T was the first person who spoke to me, aside from my teacher on that first day. We hit it off pretty fast. She introduced me to the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and PG 13 movies. We’ve been friends ever since.

For 13 years, T has been my best friend. While others walked in and out of my life, she stayed, and she’s about to have a baby boy.

On that first day, I didn’t know what to think when she introduced herself to me, but now, I can barely remember a time where I didn’t know her.  And i can say with confidence that without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

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