Writing 101 Day 16 Lost and found part three

This story is  fictional:

I found myself sighing as I got to the least favorite part of my job, the lost and found. I still couldn’t believe I had to keep inventory of this stuff. Who was going to miss any of it? The most interesting thing I found in the month I’d had this job was a half empty pack of gum. And still, even that was only interesting because the boss let me take it. But day after day it was the same items. A smartphone that someone had forgotten to take home (which had been there since at least my first day), A kitten calendar, three pairs of earbuds, and a knock-off  Rolex.

As I sifted through the usual items, marking them off on my clipboard, my mind was at home, wondering what I’d watch on Netflix later. I was jerked back to reality by the fact that there was something extra in the box today. I found the ring at the bottom of the empty box. It was probably there because someone carelessly threw it in. Clearly, it was an engagement ring. It had a diamond the size of a grain of sand on it, but it was engraved To my forever beloved. It was brand new, without a scratch on it.

Still, later that night, as I watched Wayne’s World for the thousandth time, I couldn’t bring my mind off that ring. Who did it belong to, ad who was their “forever beloved”? I made a promise to myself that I would find out.

To be continued…


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