Writing 101 Day Nineteen: Free Writng #2

Woo Hoo! another free writing assignment. I wonder what it’ll be about this time. Basically I’m just gonna write every thought that comes to my head until I reach at least 400 words. Which is quite a lot when you think about it. Does this text editor thing even have a word count feature? I guess not, so I’m just gonna have to play it by ear. Wing it, if you will. Time for a paragraph break.

It’s hard to do this without editing. I always make spelling mistakes on my first write through, but I guess that helps it appear more “organic”. wow, this is harder than last time. I need to stop writing about writing this, too bad there aren’t any distractions in here. I’m getting that hyper focus bug again. Time to take a break.

So I’m gonna put on some music, it’s time for a little Pandora ( your welcome for the free ad, Pandora). Sweet, it’s Queen. I love Queen. Freddie Mercury was a total badass. And it’s “We are the champions”, awesome. This is genius songwriting, man. And now I sound like a stoner. Whatever it’s true. They really don’t make music like this anymore. I feel like I was born in the wrong decade.

Ha! now it’s “Thrift Shop”. Another great song. I don’t care if Macklemore’s made a couple mistakes, I could listen to his music forever. Now the music topic’s getting old. I’m gonna try to talk about something else. I’ll just dance and write. That’s actually harder than it sounds. Am I over 400 words yet? I’ll check. Ok, I have no clue how to check that, I’ll just keep typing. Duh, I’ll just get an add-on for it.

Wow, only 288 words? really? That can’t be right. I’ll just keep writing I guess. Why is it still called writing if I’m typing. Writing seems like a much more physical action. I actually miss the feeling of how my hand flows when I write longhand. Something about it gives me fond memories, I don’t know what. It’s probably the same thing that kept me from getting an ereader for so long. I mean, I love my Kindle, but it’ll never be a real book. I’ll never get that awesome old book smell from my Kindle.

And now I sound old, I’m only 23, I swear. It’s probably good that I feel a little older than I am. I mean, when everyone sees me they think I’m a teenager. They tell me that’s a good thing, but I just wanna buy a beer without my ID getting a double take. I just got some cherry pistachio oatmeal (thanks, Mom!) It’s awesome. I think it’s common knowledge that pistachios are the best type of nut. If anyone denies it, they’re lying to themselves (or they’re allergic to nuts, in which case, I’m sorry). 

Nice, I broke the 400 word mark. That was basically the minimum count, right? Anyway, I think I’ll even this out at 500 words or so, just because. I’m not one for doing the bare minimum. I think I can pull it off. Although my word counter doesn’t recognize contractions for whatever reason, oddly it’s the second time I’ve come across that problem in a word processor. Oh well, it was free, you get what you pay for, right?


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