When Did Supernatural Become a Four Letter Word?

I’ve noticed a trend in horror films in the last few years, and that trend is science. By this I mean they use science to talk to ghosts and/or demons, to summon ghosts and/or demons, or both.

I have no real problem with this, there’s nothing wrong with an EVP recorder in a haunted house film, or a few. But these instruments have appeared in nearly every haunted house film in recent years. To name a few, there’s Insidious, The Conjuring, The Innkeepers, and The Apparition. That seems like too many to me, which brings me to my point.

what’s wrong with supernatural or paranormal explanations in films?

You could argue that ghosts and demons aren’t real (which I find debatable, but that’s not the point), but movies aren’t real life, that’s why we watch them. So what’s wrong with something that’s not real being in a movie that isn’t that realistic in the first place? Why can’t the ghost have been summoned by an overzealous teenager just getting into ritualistic magic? Why can’t vampires be there because of magic? Why do zombies need to be formed by a mutated rabies strain? It’s getting exhausting to see all this science where magic should be.

So I say embrace the magic. Hold a seance to contact your dead grandmother, kill that werewolf with a silver bullet, and banish that demon with white magic. Just make it believable, and make it scary. Because that’s the only thing Horror needs to be.

3 thoughts on “When Did Supernatural Become a Four Letter Word?

  1. I’m with you completely. The only infusion of science I like in these genres is the virus theory in newer zombie movies. Somehow it seems to increase the panic. For sure, old school zombies are panic inducing but the new theory does it for me. Maybe it’s because I love 28 Days Later and cut the more lackluster renditions some slack because of it.

    • I enjoy the virus aspect in zombie movies, too. I just also don’t have a problem with things not being explained away by science, and that’s severely lacking i most modern horror.

      • Cabin in the Woods almost has it both ways. I haven’t seen some of the new exorcism style movies but in my mind that genre should be the epitome of supernatural conquering science. The Exorcist (the old school original) spends a huge amount of time having the supernatural debunk science not the other way around. I’d be sad to learn the newer flicks flip the script (I’m too much of a wuss and too easily pushed into months of nightmares to watch horror movies regularly).

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