More Posts Are Coming, I Promise

So lately I’ve been a little scant with this blog. And I’m honestly sorry for that, and it deserves an explanation.

A couple weeks ago, my best friend had her first child. he was born on July 5th, and I stayed in the hospital with her for three days to help take care of him. That’s all the detail you’ll get on that front. Anyway, after the baby was born I decided to get a little more proactive with my job search.

That pursuit, so far, has not been very fruitful. But it’s taken up a lot of my time and energy that could be spent here.

But, starting this week, I will try to do at least two weekly blog posts.

I’ve got a lot planned, including more movie reviews (starting with Harry Potter), way more rants, and possibly some poetry and original fiction.

If I can’t hold to that commitment, comment on the posts I already have, and tell me to get off my ass (or rather, on my ass) and blog already. Sometimes I need a little push.

Again, thanks for reading, I really enjoy doing this, and promise that there is more to come.

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