A Quick Update

Remember how last week I said my job search wasn’t going well? Well, that was Monday. Between then and now I’ve had four first interviews, two second interviews, and two serious prospects. I guess I spoke too soon. I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope I’m not jinxing myself with this post, but I had to write this, just to let you know that my schedule is getting pretty hectic.

I’ll know by Friday if one of my prospects works out, and I’ll (hopefully) know about the other one by tomorrow. So wish me luck.

Getting a job would mean less time for this little blog of mine, but it also means more money in my pocket, and a chance at getting even closer to my dream career.

On a less bittersweet note, the Harry Potter reviews are coming. The first will be this weekend, when I get a chance to watch The Sorcerer’s Stone for the billionth time (for accuracy, of course). And the others will follow in (relative) short succession.

On the writing front, I downloaded a new app that let’s me see my writing from my computer on my iPhone, which is awesome because I can make mental notes on what to fix and what to keep.

Just a quick update on what’s keeping me from coming here every day. Honestly, part of me wishes I could still be on that level, but that’s probably the part of me that’s kept me out of work all this time.

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