Wow, its been a while, I can see the cobwebs and dust starting to form over my old posts. Well, that’s just because I’ve been incredibly busy for the last few weeks. I started the night shift at my new job, which means my blogging time has been severely limited. I’m lucky to get home before 11:00 pm these days, at which point I go right to sleep, and mornings are pretty much a distant memory to me now.

But that’s not what this post is about, as the astute readers might have guessed by the title, this is about Halloween. Halloween has held a special place in my heart since I was a kid, and I hope everyone reading this had a good one, because I did not.

Oh, I went to a party, a huge party which I bought a ticket for. I dressed up in my Wonder Woman costume, which only led to a mild wardrobe malfunction that did not involve my chest or my lady parts, and I danced, a lot. So, theoretically, it should have been a good night. Well, at the beginning of the night, I ran into a friend of mine from high school. Now I’ve been to his house for parties and such, when I can, and he was with a group that I knew from those parties.

The night was fine until I noticed a member of the group (who shall not be named, I’m not interested in being petty), didn’t seem to like that I was there. It would have been fine, but this eventually led to most of the group avoiding me the whole night.

So, as neurotic as I am, I let it pretty much ruin my whole night. Whenever I was dancing, I wasn’t thinking about how great the music sounded, I was thinking about how shitty it was to be systematically avoided by people I thought were my friends (or at least, acquaintances). One of whom (again, shall not be named), who specifically said they wanted to be my friend.

Now, I’m sorry for burdening the people who may or may not read this with my problems, but this is the second year in a row I’ve had a confusing, lonely, and shitty Halloween. And this year was worse than the last (which is saying something). And I’ve come to feel that this is a safe place to air out these issues.

So again, I hope everyone had a happy Halloween, and I sincerely hope that next year is much, much better for me.


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